About The Faculty

Founded in 1994 and dedicated to excellence in teaching and research, IZTECH’s Faculty of Architecture offers a wide array of programs through four departments. The departments are: Architecture, Conservation and Restoration Cultural Heritage, Industrial Design, City and Regional Planning. Programs comprise undergraduate, master and doctoral courses of study and include architecture, city and regional planning, urban design, conservation and restoration cultural heritage, industrial design. The Faculty of Architecture is a school of design offering a rich diversity of concentrations ranging from digital design, GIS research, and sustainable architecture to analysis of historic building materials, structural and earthquake safety research, acoustics, history and theory of planning and design, and others. There are close collaborative ties among the four departments, enabling students at all levels to pursue courses across the curricula and obtain advising across departmental divisions.

We urge our students to explore the rich array of possibilities offered in the faculty and to develop experience in both practice and theory. Conscious of the enormous impact they will have on the shaping of future environments, we support creativity for the real world.

We stimulate creative exploration in studio, laboratory, and field work as well as archival and historical research in the fields of design. Faculty and students engage in team work, participating in national and international competitions.
Part of an Institute of Technology, IZTECH’s Faculty of Architecture is embedded in a framework of cutting-edge technological research. It is equally devoted to the preservation and continuity of traditional forms of design, craft, and creativity.
We encourage and support student travel and participation in study-abroad programs. We encourage students to acquire new languages that will support travel and research. We provide assistance to graduate students for undertaking thesis research in an international context.

All departments have international advisors who collaborate with IZTECH’s Office of International Relations for placement of our students in study-abroad programs. With wide international connections of their own, faculty members offer advising and concrete help with international relations.